Our range of services varies from the preparation of Dutch income tax returns, assistance with immigration and emigration formalities, relocation services to advice in the field of income taxes, wage taxes and social security and include, amongst others:

  • Arrange various immigration formalities in the Netherlands, such as applying for authorization for temporary stay (“MVV”), residence and working permits (incl. for trainees), highly skilled migrant permits
  • Interim services
  • Entrance and exit meetings
  • Apply for A1-statement (previously: E-101 statement) or Certificate of Coverage
  • 30%-ruling
  • Prepare Dutch income tax returns
  • Apply for the provisional income tax refund for the owner-occupied home
  • Make foreign employees familiar with the new living environment and personal guidance on various administrative procedures, such as the application of a Citizen Service Number (“Burger Service Number, BSN”), look after (temporary) housing, apply for child benefit, apply for child care allowance, conversion of driving license, finding the right school for your child(ren) and more

Holland Expat Desk goes far beyond. Tax regulations for cross-border commuters, i.e. Germans and Belgians employed in the Netherlands and Dutch employees working in the border region with Germany and Belgium are very often quite complicated and require specialist knowledge. That is where we come in.

All of our services are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

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